June 26, 2008

Weekend Concerts

Last weekend we got to go to two concerts and I don't think anything this summer is going to be able to top how much fun we had. Happy  It was great!  Friday night we saw NEEDTOBREATHE and Saturday night we saw Building 429.  It was so much fun to watch NEEDTOBREATHE perform "Washed by the Water" live.  It's such a great song.  Building 429 performed all my favorites of their songs: "Fearless", "You Carried Me", and "Glory Defined."  After the concerts we got to get all their autographs and something we have always wanted, a picture with each of the bands! Big Grin  It always amazes me how nice the people are from the bands I've gotten to meet.  Everyone was so open and nice to us.  I really felt blessed just to be able to be there and spend even a little bit of time with each of them.  It makes me look forward to when we are all together in heaven and I can spend much more time with them.  Happy




Us with Building 429



I really loved seeing everyone's smiles.  They were so wonderful.  It changes everything when you get to meet the people who create the music you like to listen to.  It's so much more fun and enjoyable.


We took quite a bit of video of the concerts.  I'm really glad because it is SO fun to re-watch.  Here is a video that Jake took of Building 429 performing "Fearless."  It's the only video I've had time to get uploaded so far.