July 08, 2008

My Future Book Plans

After they read The Pirate Daughter's Promise, I've had people ask me when the next two books, Every Tear and A Captain's Heart, will be available so I thought it would be good to answer that question here.  Right now I really don't know when Every Tear will be available or even when I'll be able to submit it for publishing.  Being almost twice as long as TPDP, Every Tear will probably be almost twice as expensive to publish so it will be quite a while until I save up enough money to feel like I can pay for it.  It all depends on the book sales for TPDP.


If you want to support me and my future writing, I'd be very grateful if you bought my book from the WinePress online bookstore.  It is only a couple dollars more there for shipping than other websites and that is how I receive the most profit for each book.  However, if that couple dollars would stop you from buying TPDP at all, then please, go ahead and buy it from somewhere like Amazon.com.  My greatest goal isn't to get the money, it  is to get TPDP to as many people as possible and hopefully God will use it to reach some of those people so if you've read it and enjoyed it, I would be delighted for you to recommend it to others.


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