May 14, 2009

Every Tear now available!

Finally, after a slight, unexpected delay, the day I've been waiting for ever since The Pirate Daughter's Promise came out a year ago.  Every Tear, book 2 of my Pirates & Faith series is now available from my CreateSpace E-store and from Amazon. Follow the links below to purchase it, and if you have a little time after you read it, reviews on Amazon are greatly appreciated.


Buy from CreateSpace

Buy from Amazon


A Slight Delay

I meant to write a blog entry last week, but never got to it. It was quite a busy week. I got the first proof of my book last Thursday. It was very exciting and a little scary. I didn't know what I'd find when I opened up the book because I'd had so much trouble embedding the fonts into my PDF before I submitted it. I was afraid the special fonts I purchased and used for the chapters and dividers wouldn't show up, but they all did to my great relief. Everything looked great except that the margins were about a quarter inch off. I thought it was just because it was a proof and they are notorious for being not as precise as the final product. So I wasn't too concerned about it and approved the proof which made it available from CreateSpace. I was so excited and went around posting the purchase link on all my different sites, but then Friday afternoon I got an email form CreateSpace saying they'd made a mistake and my PDF wasn't processed with the right margins. In order to fix it, my book had to go back into the proof review stage, and they had to send me a new proof. I was pretty disappointed, but the way they handled it was great. They sent me a new proof right away, even shipping it two day air. I got the new proof yesterday, and it looks perfect. Now it's finally available again.

A couple of pictures of my two books: