May 21, 2010

Finding Faith Delays

I always planned to release Finding Faith this month and worked very hard to do so, but I've hit a few delays. I've ordered two proofs now, but on each the cover is much too dark. I really love this cover so I want to get it as perfect as possible. That means at least another week or two before it will be available. I have to wait a week to get each proof. I'm going to order my third one tomorrow and hope it looks good, otherwise I'll have to make some adjustments and try again. But hopefully it will only take one more try. I will post as soon as I get a proof I'm happy with and approve it.

May 08, 2010

Pirates & Faith Writing Experiences

Now that I've finished Finding Faith and it will soon be available, it's amazing to look back. It has taken me six years to write and publish my Pirates & Faith series. I've learned so much and have gone through so much in that time. It has definitely shaped me as a writer. This morning I just finished writing "My Journey and Experiences Writing This Book" sections on my website for A Captain's Heart and Finding Faith. It was interesting for me to go back in some of my journals and read about planning and starting those books since they were both unexpected. I never planned to go farther in my series than The Pirate Daughter's Promise and Every Tear. But here I am at the official end of the series with four books. You can read the stories of each of the books and what it took to write them here:

May 03, 2010

Finding Faith Cover and Trailer

After working really hard on them last week and over the weekend, I'm very excited to share the cover and the book trailer for Finding Faith. Enjoy! :)