October 22, 2011

The Pirate Daughter’s Promise - Review

I’m excited to share a new review of The Pirate Daughter’s Promise. I can’t say how much appreciate and am thankful for the kind words. Thank you, Lisa!



October 21, 2011

G is for God



God really is the center of the books I write. The characters, their struggles, their triumphs—they all display how God works in the lives of His people. I love to show how He can take trials and horrible situations and use them for good. I equally love showing how He can take weak, imperfect individuals and use them to accomplish amazing things. That’s really the main theme in Truth.


At the beginning of the book, there is Makilien, young, inexperienced, miserable, and entirely too bold for her own good. She wants freedom, and she wants to know the truth. She’ll do pretty much anything to find it, though she has no idea what the real truth actually is. Once outside of Reylaun, she wants to depend on what she can see and has no desire to trust anything that isn’t right in front of her. She continually shoves aside anything to do with Elohim (God) with the excuse that it’s too confusing and difficult to understand in the midst of all she is experiencing. For most of the book, she turns her back on Him.


But does Elohim give up on her? No. Just think, if God gave up on everyone who resisted Him and shoved Him aside, where would we be? Every one of us has ignored Him at some point in our lives. But He never gives up on us. And that is part of the message in Truth. Despite Makilien’s prideful stubbornness, Elohim continued to call to her, and when the time was right, when she came to realize she was completely and utterly helpless on her own, she turned to Him. And even though she was the weakest and most incapable person out of all those He could have chosen, He used her to show His power.


It is stories like that I love to tell. God can use any one of us, even the weakest, most imperfect, and incapable. Why? Because He loves us, even when we don’t love Him.


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October 17, 2011

Aaron Shust in Concert

Over the weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to see Aaron Shust in concert for the first time. It was quite an exciting thing for me because, not only do really I love his music, but it’s been very inspirational to me in my writing and being an author.


Back when I was finishing The Pirate Daughter’s Promise, Aaron’s song My Savior My God was on the radio a lot. My family loved the song right from the start, and something about it really had a big impact on me at that time in my life. For one thing, it always made me think about my characters in TPDP—about their faith through their trials. The lyrics encompassed so many of the things I wanted to tell in the story. None of my characters understood at first why they had to face such great trials, but they knew God was always there for them, and no matter what they would cling to Him. Not only that, but through the trials, they were able to share their faith with the most unlikely characters and lead them to the knowledge that Christ died for them to be their Savior. I remember when friends and family would tell me they would love to see TPDP as a move, I’d smile and think to myself if that miracle were to ever happen, the one song I’d want playing when the credits started rolling is My Savior My God. So it was special to me because it was so close to the story I wanted to tell, but it also meant a lot to me personally. Writing TPDP was such a huge moment in my life. It was with that book I started my writing career and ministry. My Savior My God reminded me as well that whatever direction my life took from there, my Savior was always there for me and would guide me through whatever came.


concert3So, this many years later, to have been able to meet Aaron and see him perform My Savior My God live was very special.