May 13, 2008

Loving Music

As I've said in my past posts, music was not my thing at all a couple of years ago.  I hated to have the radio on . . . I guess it seemed distracting to me, especially when I was writing.  I've gone completely the other way now.  I LOVE music.  Lately, I've been listening to music all the time.  I don't have a lot of favorite artists, but I am so into the ones who are my favorite.  StorySide:B, of course, is still my favorite and now within the last couple of weeks I've really been getting into Jeremy Camp.  His songs are so powerful and mean so much to me.


Because I love music so much and love to watch music videos, I wanted to share a YouTube playlist I've made and will be adding too.  It's just a bunch of my favorite artists, either performing my favorites of their songs or talking about their work.