March 13, 2009

Finding Faith

I believe I finally decided on a permanent title for the fourth and last book in my pirate series.  It will be called Finding Faith.  It really encompasses one of the books main themes so I think it is a good title for it.  Kind of like Every Tear, I thought of this title while listening to music which is where I go a lot for inspiration.  I was listening to one of Building 429's newest songs, End of Me, which is one of my all time favorite songs.  As I was sitting and really thinking about the lyrics I was jotting down my thoughts about it and about my book and "finding faith" was one of the first ideas I wrote down and the one that seemed to stick.  I've tried it out for a few days, and I really think it's the right title.  So, my finished pirate series altogether is: The Pirate Daughter's Promise, Every Tear, A Captain's Heart, and Finding Faith.  I'm just about finished now with my first edit of Finding Faith.  I only have a couple chapters left so after that it will really feel done to me even though I will end up editing it countless times before it's ever published.