November 05, 2009

A Captain's Heart - Back Cover Text

Here is the text that will be on the back cover of A Captain's Heart giving you a little idea of what this new story is all about.



Wealth and social standing mean nothing to Captain Kyle Bryden. To his family, however, they are everything. For years it has driven Kyle and his family apart. He longs for understanding from his parents, but most of all he yearns for them to accept the truth behind his faith.


When his father sends him on a voyage to collect two family guests, it only complicates matters, particularly Kyle's growing desire to marry and make a home. He finds himself caught between pleasing his parents and living according to what he believes is right. As some things begin to change for the better, could a secret no one is expecting be enough to tear at Kyle's heart and destroy the love he has found?


In A Captain's Heart, the continuing story of Pirates & Faith, meet new friends and revisit old ones while seeing the importance of patience and never giving up on those we love because all things are possible with God.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful cover and good text, Molly. My family can't wait to buy this one!
Stephanie Boles
Inspirational Romance Author