June 28, 2011

Truth–Back Cover Text

Today, following the release of the cover of Truth, here is the official back cover text:


* * * * *


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00003]

“What are we living for? Just to live? What is the point? Don’t you think there should be a purpose?”


Trapped in a village no one is allowed to leave, Makilien yearns for the answers to her questions about life and the world outside the village walls. Yet no one but her closest friend seems to understand or share her desire. Despite her family’s fears and warnings of the consequences, she is determined to find answers.


The unexpected arrival of a stranger, and the knowledge he possesses, drives Makilien to drastic action. Confronted with a world she knows nothing about, she must choose carefully who to trust as both good and evil lurk in all places. As a battle looms, one in which will be determined the fate of all, she must decide whether to believe in the One who is truth or fall prey to the lies of the enemy.


The adventure begins here . . .


* * * * *


Are you ready for it? :)