November 07, 2011

H is for Halandor

Of all the characters in Makilien, Halandor is one of people I love most. I love his story and just who he is. He is probably one of the very first characters I ever created for Makilien way back in the original, and he really hasn’t changed much. Unfortunately, it was so long ago, I don’t remember much about his creation process. At this point, he feels like an old friend who’s been around forever. When I really sit and think about it, he’s almost like the anchor for the whole story. The one unchanging, familiar thing in all the revisions the trilogy has gone through.

And, in a way, that is exactly what he is in the story as well. He is an anchor for Makilien as she grows and experiences a life she’s never known before. Through his gentle guiding, she is allowed to learn and discover things on her own, both the good and the evil, and at times, reap the consequences of that. You can obviously pin the mentor tag on Halandor in this story, but unlike a lot of others, he’s definitely not the tough love sort of mentor. He is a loving father, and having lost his own daughter so recently in the story, it was only natural for his fatherly instincts to take over with Makilien.

Halandor is also the second piece Elohim put into play in Makilien’s journey. After Torick’s unexpected arrival, which led to Makilien leaving her home, she was left facing something that was completely unknown. Where would she go? How would she survive? How would she find the truth she so desperately searched for? Then Halandor came along and undoubtedly saved her life. He not only protects her and takes care of her through her journey, but he lives his own life in such a way that influences her to be more, consider more, and make the right decisions. Even though Makilien’s life becomes filled with close friends, I think Halandor would have to be recognized as the one who made the most difference and impact.