March 13, 2012

An Interview and Update

I have been especially bad lately at updating my blog and responding to everyone I would like to. I’ve had so much going on in the last few weeks. First of all, I was interviewed on a great blog called Virtuous Girlhood. You can see it here:

I’ve been so busy lately with both book and personal things. It has taken longer than usual for me to get the paperback version of Courage to the point where it is available. I’ve had to order a few proof copies trying to get the colors right. Blue is notoriously hard to get to print the exact shade you want it. I finally settled on something I’m happy with, so I will hopefully have paperback books available in the next week or two.

Personally, my focus lately has really turned to homemaking. I’ve been having a great time collecting and trying recipes, researching different home remedies, and really getting into different aspects of the home, more so than I ever have before. It is one of my greatest desires to someday marry and have my own home, and I believe God is using this particular time to really prepare me for that. So my focus on that has really cut out a lot of my effort to stay updated on my writing and social networking. But I hope to get back to updating a little more regularly, and hopefully even start sharing some of the interesting and helpful things I’ve been coming across pertaining to the home.


Aubrey Hansen said...

That is a wonderful reason to be "MIA" online. :D Congrats on getting Courage to a happy state!