June 03, 2013

Paperback Amazon Book Sale

I can’t say how long it will last, but Amazon has discounted all seven of my books. If you’ve been thinking about getting a paperback copy, now is the time the grab one before the sale is off. Here are all the links and the discount amount.

Pirates & Faith
The Pirate Daughter’s Promise$9.99 $8.99 (save $1.00)
Every Tear$13.99 $12.18 (save $1.88)
A Captain’s Heart$12.99 $11.69 (save $1.30)
Finding Faith$11.99 $10.79 (save $1.20)

Makilien Trilogy
Truth$12.99 $11.69 (save $1.30)
Courage$13.99 $13.29 (save $0.70)
Trust$12.99 $11.43 (save $1.56)


Kendra E. Ardnek said...

Oh, it did it to your books too? They discounted mine too ... I wonder why.

I actually lowered the price of my short story collection further, since it was now more expensive than my novella!

Sigh, if I had the money, I would definitely take advantage of the sale on your books!

Molly Evangeline said...

They must be doing a big sale on CreateSpace books. I'm curious how long it will last. A couple of mine have been discounted for at least a week. I just noticed this morning that it was all seven now.

I know about the money! Books unfortunately don't make it very high on the priorities list. ;)