January 31, 2014

Makilien Trilogy eBook Available


Finally, after talking about it last fall, the entire Makilien Trilogy set is now available in eBook form! I had all these grand plans of making a new trilogy cover and releasing it as a paperback as well, but between my Etsy shop and editing Resistance, I just had no time to do any of that. I still would like to try to make it a paperback, which would require a new cover, but for now I just wanted to make the trilogy available in eBook. Buying it this way is $2.00 cheaper than purchasing each book separate. It’s available on Amazon for Kindle and on Smashwords in all other eBook formats. In a few weeks, it should start to show up on other retailer sites like Barnes & Noble and iTunes. It just takes a bit to get into their system. So, if anyone has been thinking about getting the trilogy, just follow the links below. And if you’ve read it and have any spare time to leave a quick review on the trilogy set, that would be fantastic. :)