March 27, 2008


I did it.  I finished my third book last night.  Now my trilogy is complete.  It's always so satisfying to finish a book.  I've finally decided on a title, A Captain's Heart.  It fits the story and I think it sounds interesting.  So now the trilogy altogether is The Pirate Daughter's Promise, Every Tear, and A Captain's Heart.


ist2_3001780_cowgirl_and_her_horseI'm already making plans for a new book.  I'm pretty sure it will be a western like I was thinking.  I do have a tiny little idea already for some characters, now I just have to build on it to get a whole book.  I even found a very inspirational picture on iStockphoto that makes me want to write that kind of book.  Perhaps, someday, it will end up being the cover photo.