July 01, 2009

Building 429 Concert

A couple of weeks ago, my brother Jake and I got to volunteer at a Building 429 concert. Building 429 is my favorite band so this was an amazing opportunity. We were at the church where they were playing when they arrived and helped unload their trailer and set everything up for the concert that night. It was incredible to see all the equipment and everything they have to do to set up their shows everyday that they play. They even gave us each a t-shirt that said "Building 429" on the front and "Local Crew" on the back. We had a great time setting up their merchandise tables and getting to know AJ, their merchandise guy. It was just unbelievable to be around the band all day. We got to say hello to everyone and even talked to Jesse and Aaron (B429's guitarist and bassist) for a little bit.


The concert that night was amazing. I am always so touched by their music and nothing compares to getting to hear them perform live. It was the greatest concert I've been to so far. During the intermission before Building played, Jake and I helped 33 Miles, one of the bands who opened for Building, carry their equipment off the stage. It was really great to be a part of it.


When we first arrived there that morning and we had met Ross, one of the guys from our local Christian radio station, Jake told him that I was Building 429's biggest fan. So then, before the concert, Ross told Jason, B429's lead singer. And after the concert, Ross made sure that Jake and I got to personally see the band for a brief time right before they went out to the autograph table. When he introduced me, he said, "Jason, here is your number one fan." Jason is one of my greatest heroes, so it was really cool that Ross did that for me.


We went through the autograph line and then each got a picture with the band. When it was my turn, Jason held up one finger and said, "Number one fan right here." It was the perfect end to a perfect day that I will never forget.