March 27, 2011

Book Review - A Man Called Outlaw

4154153124_b608a91b11 Book Description:

All his life Shane Lassiter revered the man who stood in place of the father he'd never known. Nathaniel Wilcock took Shane into his own home, loved him as a son, and placed within his grasp the largest ranch in the Wyoming Territory. But Shane had heard the stories. He knew the whispers about the fugitive gunman who stood against Wilcock during the land wars that rocked the valley thirty years ago. In Wilcock's eyes, the gunman was a vigilante and an outlaw and as such he had died. To the people of Hangtree, he was a hero-a martyr who stood against corruption and injustice. When Wilcock's greed endangers the only woman Shane has ever loved-a woman who holds the secret that could resurrect everything for which the outlaw fought-Shane finds himself a place not so very different from that of the outlaw. He must make a decision, the shadow of which will be cast over the lives of all those he loves. A decision between truth and power-between honor and life-between right and wrong.


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I've mentioned K.M. Weiland many times and how her blog has helped my writing, so for a long time I've been very anxious to read her books. I finally had a chance to sit down last week and read her first book, A Man Called Outlaw. I love a good western. The 1850s-1880s are one of my favorite time periods in history, so I was very excited about the book. I read it in about three days, and didn't want to put it down. I'll say right off that it is one of the very few books that have ever made me cry. It was painfully true to life. I think that is what made it so good. A lot of it wasn't as I anticipated, but the characters felt so real. I really came to love them and feel for them in their struggles and pain. I love K.M. Weiland's style of writing, and could see everything so clearly as I was reading. I could feel the emotion and see the characters' expressions and actions. I finished the book with a definite bittersweet feeling, in a good way, and look forward to reading more from K.M. Weiland.


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Jason said...

Certainly sounds like a story worth reading. I'm glad the writing of someone you've learned from satisfied you and, hopefully, lived up to your expectations.