July 25, 2011

A is for Aedan

Over the last few months, I’ve noticed the A-Z posts on other blogs and how fun they looked. I thought it would be an interesting way to promote the release of Truth by writing A-Z posts pertaining to Makilien. I won’t completely follow the rules because I will space my posts out instead of posting every day, but it will be an interesting way to share some “behind the scenes” information about the book.


So for this first post, I chose Aedan. I have a couple of A’s in Makilien, but none I love as much as I love Aedan. Though Aedan’s character is only in 4 out of the 27 chapters in Truth, he is one of my most favorite characters and has much more involvement in the next book. Actually, Courage is almost as much about him and his story as it is about Makilien. He has some very big things ahead of him as the trilogy progresses.


At the start of the trilogy, Aedan is Makilien’s closest and truest friend. They share the same questions and desires to know what is beyond the little village they call home. Though not truly family, they are as close as any brother and sister would be. Two years older than Makilien and very mature, Aedan has been looking out for her since they were small children. Aedan is the one who tended to caution and kept Makilien from doing anything too rash as a result of her rather spirited nature.


The majority of my characters in Makilien have carried over from the original version I wrote when I was 13, but Aedan is a new addition. Makilien needed someone to share her burdens with who completely understood how she felt. I love sibling or sibling-like bonds, and I’ve always thought it would be nice to have a protective older brother, so Aedan fit into that role for Makilien.


What I love about Aedan is his maturity and how he has fully stepped up to perform the role as protector and provider as a result of his father’s death even though he is still a young man. Though I hated to leave him behind in chapter 3 as much as Makilien did, his choice to stay and take care of his family rather than give in to his longing to escape with Makilien perfectly shows who Aedan is as a person, and that was important in developing his character.


Though it isn’t obvious in this first book, Aedan has a lot of questions, and there are a few mysteries surrounding him. Truth is only just the beginning of his journey.