August 05, 2011

C is for Carmine

CarmineToday’s A-Z post is about the stunning and majestic dragon named Carmine. I hardly know where to begin. In writing through Makilien, Carmine has become one of my most favorite characters, even more so than I ever expected when I first created him. He is one of those characters you begin writing with a fairly basic idea and before you know it, the more they grow in your mind and on paper (or computer screen) the bigger their role becomes in the story.


His name, his character, I love everything about him. I love the sense of deep wisdom about him and his nobility. Carmine is the oldest character in the story—around 300 years old (a dragon’s average lifespan is about 500)—so he’s seen a lot. He is a guardian, a protector to the people of Eldor. He knows this is the reason Elohim created dragons, to be helpers and companions to the Humans and Elves, and he takes this responsibility seriously. Despite his intimidating appearance and being a fierce warrior, he is also very kind.


Part of what makes Carmine so interesting is that he is from a very different era than you see in Makilien. He is only one of three known dragons who still live and fight for Eldor. Generations ago, evil men would hunt down dragons for their scales, teeth, claws, and spines. The dragons became so disgusted that all but five left Eldor. Carmine is the only one left of the original five, and the only one who still remembers that time. His steadfast loyalty to the people of Eldor proves not only his honor, but his faith.


And how can I not mention his name? Carmine is another word for “red.” I always planned for Carmine to be a red dragon and thought it would be interesting to name my dragons after the color of their scales. In looking up synonyms for red, I found the word carmine and it was an instantly perfect fit.


Though Carmine doesn’t have a big role in Truth, expect him to show up quite a bit more in Courage. :)



Carmine Painting: