August 03, 2011

B is for Baltar



Today’s A-Z post is about a character who is not an active part of Makilien, but you do hear mention of him scattered throughout the trilogy. As is touched on briefly in Truth, Baltar is very important to the history of Eldor, the main country in the trilogy. He was the leader of seven people who left an oppressed country in the south, journeying north to find a place to settle and serve Elohim (God) in peace.


That story has always been interesting for me to imagine—to think of a man living with his family in oppression and one day finally deciding he would rather face the unknown than conform to the standards of the rest of his people. And so with his family and a couple friends, he set out north toward countries he had no knowledge of. They passed through plains, deserts, mountains, and forests, and after months of travel, finally came upon beautiful and fertile plains unlike any they’d seen. I’m sure they felt the promise of this new country.


Through Baltar’s desire to remain steadfast and true to his faith came the country of Eldor. Founded on Baltar’s principles, it has remained a country of strength, courage, and faith. Always its leaders are reminded that their strength is not their own, but Elohim’s. And because of this, the country is blessed, and has, in a way, become a shield against evil, protecting the lesser countries it is allied with. It is important to the people of Eldor to pass down that sense of honor and nobility that started with Baltar.


Photo by flaivoloka