April 22, 2008

Being Used by God . . .

. . . it is definitely one of the most amazing experiences in life.  Turning my writing over to Him and asking Him to use me and what I write is one of the best decisions I've ever made.  It's given me wonderful experiences that, no matter how small, always fill me with awe.  Experiences like coming up with the title for Every Tear or being given the perfect line for an important part in a book when I've prayed for it.  It's amazing how God can speak to you even if you don't even realize it at first.  I am a Christian who admittedly has trouble witnessing verbally, but I feel God has given me the power to do it through writing.  I never felt I could come up with the right words to explain faith and other things to people, but many times, especially lately, I find myself reading over what I write and thinking, "Wow, I didn't know I could write something like that or explain it that way," and I know it's all coming from Him.  Now that I've begun writing Makilien which is an allegory of becoming a Christian, living a Christian life, and battling the forces of Satan, I've had so many of those wowing moments and I've only just started.  Seeing the ways God has directed me into using my fantasy stories, that once had no meaning, to paint a picture of life with and without Him is very awe-inspiring and satisfying.  One of my favorite verses is: Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. - Proverbs 16:3 NIV  I always keep that verse before me when I'm writing because when I do commit my work to God and ask Him to help me write in a way that glorifies Him, it's then that my writing is at its best and I am able to write better than I first thought I could.


Lynn said...

Hi Molly,

Your mom is a dear friend of mine though we've never met face to face. We have a heart bond. : ) She has been telling me about your writing and I could sense the deep pride she feels for your accomplishments. Finally I had a chance to stop by your blog and read a bit.

I'm captivated! You grabbed me when you mentioned "Pilgrim's Progress" being one of your favorites and having impact on your own writing style.

That's probably my all-time favorite book! When I was in my early teens my pastor spent a time of Wednesday night studies on Pilgrim's Progress. I was drawn into that journey myself as my pastor brought it to life, teaching the deep rich truths of the christian life from Bunyon's writing. I drew a map on posterboard portraying the journey of Pilgrim and his friends from the City of Destruction, all the way to the Celestial City! I can still remember drawing all the places they came to along the way, as I saw them in my mind. My sweet pastor hung that map in our fellowship hall at church!

I LOVED that study and it obviously had an impact on my heart, as I remember it well after all these years! After the study was completed, he did the next study which was part two when Christian's wife began her journey with their children. As he finished up that study at the riverbank with Christiana crossing the river of death and her children standing, weeping - he told us he would be leaving, moving to another state to pastor a church there. BROKE MY HEART!

Some years later my mama lay dying of cancer in a hospital bed, (51 yrs old.) Two nights before her death, I asked her if she wanted me to read from Pilgrim's Progress and she nodded YES!! So I read those final pages to her.. beginning with Christiana receiving the summons that she was to dine with the Master in several days. It was so poignant I could hardly breathe as I came to the pages where she stepped into the river and said her goodbyes to all her friends gathered there, and her children were weeping on the riverbank. I knew this was happening to us and my heart was breaking, but I saw my mama's breathing relax and her appearance was calm and peaceful as she listened with eyes closed. She was ready to step into the river, to cross it to meet Jesus.

This story had been our shared favorite and it was only fitting that I read it and prepare us both for this sacred event.. and allow us to remember together, that young pastor who had brought us to the Lord and discipled us so well all those years ago.

Wow! Thank you for allowing me to recall those precious, poignant memories.

I'm going to look forward to you publishing the books and will definitely read your work! God bless you as you serve Him through this medium of writing. And as you can see by my experience with Pilgrim's Progress, you can have huge impact on your readers!

Take care!
I'll visit again soon!

Warmly in Christ,