April 01, 2008

God Has Different Plans

It seems that God wants me to put off writing my western for a while.  I'm not at all disappointed because I'm really enjoying His new plans.  This is what happened.  For a couple of days now I've been praying for a good story plan for a western novel, but instead all the ideas that kept coming to me were for an entirely different story.  Years ago when I was writing my fantasy stories, I was working on a series of five books (I completed three).  They were the typical "modern day girl ends up in a world like Middle-earth in The Lord of the Rings."  They were completely for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of my cousins who loved them and they were always very special to me because they were the first books I ever completely finished writing.  I always wished I could do something with them, but since I used everything from The Lord of the Rings, I couldn't and, I admit, they weren't that well written anyway.


God actually started giving me some ideas for this a month or two ago.  One morning I was thinking about my fantasy books for some reason and wondered if I could rewrite them completely using my own imagination and give them a Christian message.  It sounded fun, but at that time I was right in the middle of A Captain's Heart so I wasn't thinking about starting any other stories and I honestly thought it would be way too hard to rewrite my fantasies.  So, for the last few days, I've really been struggling to start writing again.  I hate when I don't have a book I'm working on.  Like I said, I was praying for a good western story plot, but all I kept thinking about were my fantasies and how I could change them.  Then, yesterday morning just before I got out of bed the whole thing came together for how I could rewrite them and give them a Christian message.  What I'm doing is combining my first two books into one and my last two into one so there will be two when I'm finished.  They are kind of a cross between my original stories, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Pilgrim's Progress.  I'm already half done with the first chapter and it's going very well.  I think I'll be able to write it pretty quickly since I know almost exactly what is going to happen throughout the book because I'm mostly following my original storyline with a few changes.  This two book (and perhaps more, we'll see) series of mine is called Makilien, the name of the book's heroine.