December 28, 2010

Book Review - Sword in the Stars

swordinthestarsBook Description:

Haunted by memories of a violent past, Alastair Coldhollow wagers his life on the hope that a sword will appear in the stars and the foretold Halfainin, the Pathwalker, would come. Meanwhile, tensions simmer between Anglinore and the murderous Gorrack Nation, threatening war on a cataclysmic scale. The fate of all could rest on an abandoned child and the decisions of those who desperately seek to identify him. Sword in the Stars is the first release in The Dark Sea Annals series.


* * * * * *


Ever since reading The Door Within Trilogy, the first books I'd ever read by Wayne Thomas Batson, I am a fan for life. Through those books, Mr. Batson became my favorite author right up there with J.R.R. Tolkien. So when I first started hearing about Sword in the Stars, I was incredibly excited and anxious to read it. Now that I have, I can say it did not disappoint. Five stars, most definitely. The world he created was very interesting with all the different races and I loved the characters, especially Alastair. I am such a fan of characters who struggle with a dark past. I very much enjoyed the plot twists and turns. Many times I'd gasp or exclaim, "Oh, this is not good." Usually, if I'm that verbal while reading a book, it has me highly interested. :) And there were also several scenes that made me laugh. I love the allegorical plot and thought it very well done. I can hardly imagine what all will happen in the next books and waiting will be torture. Sword in the Stars will definitely be on my shelf of favorite books as I'm sure the rest of The Dark Sea Annals will be as well. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good fantasy read.


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