December 08, 2010

Literary Agents for Christian Fiction

In the last couple weeks, I spent many hours searching for and reading through literary agency websites. It's not as easy as I thought finding reputable agents who represent Christian fiction. Many don't even accept queries unless you've met them personally at a writing conference or you've already been published before. In my search, I found two blogs with good lists of agencies who represent Christian fiction. A lot of the same agencies are on both lists, but there are a few different ones. Make sure to read the guidelines closely and look through the authors and books they've represented. It's a good sign when you recognize some of them. Before you choose one, I highly recommend looking them up somewhere like Absolute Write Water Cooler. It's a great site for all things writing. A lot of the writers have had experience with many of the agencies on these lists:

Literary Agents Who Represent Christian Authors by Michael Hyatt

Christian Literary Agents by Tamera Lynn Kraft


You could also check out AgentQuery. There you can do a customized search for agents who specifically handle your type of fiction.


And, since it is vitally important to watch out for scams, here are two helpful links. One is a list of the 20 Worst Agents and a page full of information on bad agents and how to spot them.

Thumbs Down Agency List

Literary Agents Information