February 28, 2011

Epic Music to Write To

Music can be an author's best friend. I love to listen to a good movie soundtrack or epic music while I'm writing really intense or emotional scenes. Especially the emotional scenes (I've made myself cry listening to the end music from Gladiator on a loop while writing a sad part). For years all I had were my favorite movie soundtracks, but I've recently discovered other composers of epic score. My favorite is Two Steps from Hell. They compose trailer music that is absolutely incredible. YouTube is full of their music and you can get some of their tracks from Amazon and iTunes. Here is a YouTube playlist I've started of some of my favorites. The first one, Heart of Courage is (in my opinion) the greatest composition of epic music ever created. ;) Every time I hear it, I feel the need to write something epic.



Aubrey Hansen said...

I just recently discovered their music (after a friend assured me that they were NOT a vile rock group, despite their name), and it's great for writing! Several of their albums are on Grooveshark.