April 16, 2011

April Update

It’s been a while since my last post so I thought I’d write one about what’s been going on this month. April has been very busy and a very productive writing month. All winter I had trouble writing, but I’ve finally gotten back into it again. I’m working steadily on Trust. Just yesterday I wrote almost a chapter and a half. I’m very pleased with how it is going and hope things continue to go this well. If so, I could potentially finish the book in the next few months, which would be awesome. I’m so excited to focus on some of my other projects. I’ve also slowly been working through my first edit of Courage.


Besides writing, I’ve been doing all kinds of things this week to prepare for the release of Truth. It’s been so cool watching things come together. I can hardly wait to share everything. I have so many fun extra things planned for these books. Much more than with Pirates & Faith.


All that said, on Monday I am going have an announcement pertaining to my Makilien Trilogy. (Hint: You’ll soon get some more in depth details about the books.) So make sure to check back here Monday afternoon! :)